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We offer VIP Protection, Armed Guarding, Debt Collection, Bouncing, Private Investigations, Escorting and Abnormal Escorting, Alarm/Security and Cleaning services.

VIP Protection
VIP Protection

The best in VIP Protection services

Godfather Security & Cleaning Services provides VIP Protection services at it’s finest, from body guarding to highly experienced security drivers, Godfather Security has got you covered!

Armed guarding
Armed Guarding

Professional armed guarding services

Godfather Security specializes in Residential, Commercial and Industrial security services. We keep in regular communication and interactions with all of our clients so we can build strong partnerships as well as a safe and secure environment.

Debt Collection Services
Debt Collection

Our debt collectors are skilled and highly trained

Godfather Security provides excellent debt collection services with the highest standard of ethical and professional conduct.

Bouncing services

Specialized bouncing and tactical guarding services

Godfather Security helps ensure that your work environments are safe and also kept free from any threats that could be posed by thugs, criminals, opportunists or any institution that concerns itself with unlawful business practices that may ultimately put you, your staff or your clients at risk.

Private Investigations

Having a reputation of being a leader in private investigations

Godfather Security provides leading private investigation services. At the beginning of each case, we request the client to present all relevant information regarding the case at hand. Our professional team then advises the client with the best proposal for that particular private investigation. Ensuring all bases are covered – benefits and downfalls.

Escorting services

Safe and secure environment to pursue your activities

Godfather Security provides executive VIP escorting services that are customized to meet our client’s needs. We provide a safe and secure environment for them to pursue their activities. We provide discreet and highly effective, efficient, professional armed and unarmed protection agents.

Abnormal Escorting
Abnormal Escorting

Complying with all regulations

Our escort vehicles are fully equipped and comply with all the regulations of the traffic department and provincial authorities.

Alarm security systems
Alarm/Security Systems

Providing several layers of security

Stop unwanted intruders and criminals early in their tracks. Godfather Security creates several layers of security that will alert management the moment you have unwanted intruders.

Cleaning services
Cleaning Services

Worry about everything else knowing your home / business is clean

It is Godfather Security & Cleaning Services  privilege to meet your cleaning needs. We guarantee that the time and peace of mind you will have is worth your while.

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